About Us

Millions of South Africans find themselves in a never-ending cycle of poverty and debt due to the history of our country. Whilst we may have achieved political freedom, financial freedom is still a long way off. Most have started on the backfoot and continue to live from pay check to pay check.


Simple things like creating a budget and sticking to it are foreign concepts to some, as we are not taught these basic skills in our schools. Investing in the stock market is not spoken about at our dinner tables and yet people are investing in these markets without the proper knowledge and skills. As we move into a rapidly changing world where Cryptocurrency is all a buzz and the very financial system that we know will probably be replaced in the future.


Soul Financial was borne from a need to provide a platform that will guide novice investors into investing in the South African and American Stock Markets. The company has a strong focus on education and equipping people with the knowledge and technical skills which will enable them to invest responsibly.


Soul Financial isn’t about managing your finances for you or about selling products where you have very little control. Instead, Soul Financial is about providing you with the necessary skills and tools so that you are confident to do this yourself. The sole purpose is to help people attain financial freedom in their personal finances and thereby creating generational wealth for their children by breaking the cycle of poverty and debt.

Our Services

Rochelle Warries aka Soul

I am a qualified chartered accountant with 16 years of experience and seasoned stock market investor. My passion is to help novice investors build healthy investment portfolios through financial education. “We have a poverty war to win in South Africa, and it will only be done through education” Let me help you make sense of this journey to financial independence and retiring early.

What They Say

Find out the experience from clients​



Working with Soul has helped in a lot of ways. I now handle my finances and investments in a whole new way than I used to a year ago. The way she puts in so much detail into her work is amazing. She always goes the extra mile with her clients.



I found/met Soul when I was trying to figure out how to invest.  So as fate would have it, I stumbled upon one of her tweets, and from that day on my road to financial freedom began. The way I view investing has totally changed because of her teachings.

She is an awesome teacher, who will grab you by the hand and make sure you go through the fire together and come out on the other side with a wealth of knowledge. My portfolio went from bad to good because of her teachings.



I came across @SoulFairy3 on Twitter by chance sometime this year 2021 and the knowledge she was freely sharing was unbelievable. I’m in my 40’s and have had to start life over and the tweets helped me change how I viewed investing. Buying the book was a game changer on its own. I now know how to research stocks and know so many things, concepts such as we only buy red and sell green have been life-changing honestly and the speed with which I’ve been able to absorb things is mainly because how Soul unpacks concepts. She’s a great and patient teacher who wants everyone to win. Financial Freedom in our time is now possible for everyone willing to learn with Soul.